Thursday, August 16, 2007


Here is the first big pass at the new painting, the biggest so far at 16 x 20. I'm doing my take on a Zombie. below you can see some of the head detail. It's in oil of course. I need to shoot some reference of me holding a broom to get the hands and arms right. This has been quite a week here with the sudden and tragic passing of my friend Mike Wieringo. I'll have a longer post just about that later.

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J Gilpin said...


Did you use Jim Steranko (sans large sunglasses) as the ref for the head?

I'm hoping to go to Baltimore Con - will definitely look you up while there if it works out. Do you know Ted Slampyak? Artist on Annie syndicated strip - recently moved from Philadelphia to NM. He has a nice blog called Shop Talk - maybe a good interview fro Draw mag?.

Did you know Mike W.? I never had the pleasure to meet him - heard good things, though. He was the same age as I am - reminds us all to make the most of our time here.

Thanks for sharing (and inspiring us with) your work process for the paintings! Hope you have a great show at your school!

Take care,

Jonathan Gilpin