Saturday, August 11, 2007


Here is step three...not that I am actually doing it like some art book excercise. I usually work on one area then move to another, take a break, come back and work again. I try to harmonize the colors and areas. That break helps me see it fresh and I decided to do things like eleminate the extra strands flowing off his head and worked on the left leg, repainting it. I kept painting till about 5:30am, for some reason painting late seems to work for me...or maybe it's the subject matter?

I will make another pass later after this sets up a bit which will probably be my last pass on this painting. I used a litte Liquin to help the painting dry faster. I have to say this was fun and a challenge as while I did do mummy drawings I originally was goijng to do a bust, but in the end sketched this out on the board and they went ahead, not even doing a color sketch or anything. I figured for this painting I would just wing it, right out of my head and if I didn't like something I'd wipe it off and do over.

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tgreaper said...

Excellent piece. Being a horror writer as well as artist, I have deep respect for your whole series.