Sunday, July 12, 2009

Martians Go Home

Today I'm posting two more penciled pages from the first issue of martians Go Home. So far it seems I've really had to pull all the stops out here between drawing old cars and now cowboys and horses. I have to say goggle is great for reference on all of this stuff, better than having to do it like I did in the older days where I would have had to spend time in a library, book store or hope I had a book or something in my morgue that I could use.

I also drew everything straight, I didn't use any projectors to trace down the cars, or use the blue-line technique here. I want this to just be me and the pencil and whatever distortions come in are then more my style and take on things. This is something I always admired about gene Colan's work. He used photos but didn't trace them, he drew from them and thus made them his own, warped them through his "artist's eye". So I'd sketch the shapes I'd want, find a pick of the car close to it and then draw it in the exact angle or shape I wanted. It's more fun too and more of a challenge. Art isn't about being easy, if you want to continue to improve you must always put a little more weight on the bar, and that will mean sometimes you fail and have to erase, and fight for that drawing, and when you win--well man, that's the best thing ever.


Agreda said...

I like these!!

The Bigtyme said...

Is that Clark Gabbel?

CCG Coordinator said...

Hi Mike,
I really like page six! I can see the freedom you are giving yourself coming through in the slight fish-eye perspective of the the middle and bottom panels. I love the old man's face in the middle panel! Also the organic quality of the (flashback? panel borders). Good stuff!
Hope your summer is going well,
-Jonathan Gilpin