Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Super Sad continues

Here is the next painting on the easel. I started it last week and blocked all of this in in one day, it's had to sit for a few days while I finished up some commercial work, but I'll get back to it this week.


William R. Moore said...

Mike, I really like the overall look (design) of this painting. I guess it would be considered incomplete and probably does not fulfill your concept, but I would be tempted to call it finished at this stage. However, I tend to like a less complete look,loose and not too over worked.

Not famililar with "Super Sad". I like your series. I assume that it might relate to the comic book world. Explanation?

ScottN01 said...

Personally I like this one the best. The background gives it some kind of story that I can make up in my mind.

Mike Manley said...

William, I know what you mean, in a way now it's kinda' cool, loose yet not too loose, but I want to go more into it.

Scott, I think this one might have more of an implied narrative, though when it's done you might feel different.