Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Portrait Class Week 6 Final

yesterday was the final class for my summer portrait class with Al Gury. I had a great time in this class and can really say I did learn somethings and felt I made weekly progress. Al's a great teacher and so affable, he makes the class a very relaxing experience even if I am ragging at myself in my head over my work. the painting above is the final painting from the morning half of the class. there are so many little things that bug me about this, drawing, edges, etc., but I am happy I was able to keep it loose. the hardest things about doing these portraits for me is the one week break in between sessions. I'm also not so sharp in the mornings sometimes and feel I don't get cooking till the afternoon. I was seriously tempted to wipe it all out yesterday but Al wouldn't let me.
This is the second portrait and I'm far less happy with this as far as drawing goes. This model was a pain to draw, I never got her down right, but I am happier with some edges and paint application--hey, you have to try and salvage something ...
Al gave us all a good final crit.

My classmate Lisa felt like many of us, weary from the battle as class neared the end.

Some of our homework, my friend Christina turned in some really nice portraits and a study.

The models Tim and Claire take a break.

My buddy Joel shows us all how to hold it down in thee nd and enjoy yourself.

My goal now is to still do at least one portrait a week, be it from life or a study so I can really drill in the things I have learned in clas and to keep the momentum going.

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