Friday, August 20, 2010

Arizona Wash 2

Today I went out and painted the reverse view of the previous post, this time in the bright AZ sun, and biting flies! I knew the Sun was on the march and so I had to plan a bit for the angle and shadows to change and I'd have to make some adjustments--the race was on. 11 x 14 on Fredricks linen museum board, oil. i was all pumped from spending yesterday down in Scottsdale looking at the art in the galleries. I visited the Overland, gallery Russia, Legacy, Scottsdale Fine Art and the Trail Side to name a few. The best work for me was in the Overland which had great examples oft he Russian painters from the Soviet era.

In all of the galleries whenever my eye was attracted it was always first to the paintings by the Russians or Chinese. Sure thera re great American painters too, but the Russian/Chinese painters just have such high skill combined with a poetry that I think stands out because they were not so influenced by western media or pop -culture and their development as artist outside that bubble gives then a poetry and strength.

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