Thursday, August 05, 2010

Super Sad Study

I jumped back into this painting after nearly a year off. I initially started this from life, working from the model in my living room. Luckily I snapped plenty of pics to use later as I am no longer able to work with the model, which is a shame. Its interesting to revisit something like this after a long time, not only has the idea of what this would become change but I've changed or grown as a paint a lot in that year. The background is completely made up. I'll let this set up for a day or two and the go back into it.


William R. Moore said...

Hi Mike,
Curious, do you have models for the Super Sad studies or do you construct them without using a model.

Glad to see you have returned to your Commuter series. Some very good work.

Looking forward to your fall semester in the newly assigned studio.

Mike Manley said...

William, I do have models for these, i prefer to work from life, or to start from life--work from photos and go back to life if i have the chance--I seem to end up mixing that with photos I shoot of the models.

I always bracket my shots and shoot several to get coverage.

yes, the commuter paintings are back in full swing, I hope to finish another by early next week, then I'll be painting out west for a spell...