Monday, August 02, 2010

Judge Parker

This week's Sunday strip


Unknown said...


It seems you are continuing to experiment with the size of the lettering font. I know my paper shrinks the heck out of the comics, including the Judge. Have you found the right balance? It seems bigger is better, but then the balloon tends to be a bit bigger. And, it seems like it works better when there is a wide shot, not a close up. Also, curious why you don't bold the lettering in the "re-cap" box on Mondays? It always seemed to catch my eye, more than just the non-bold lettering.

Mike Manley said...

Dennis I think I made the lettering 13 pt on the sundays and 16 on the dailies, the sundays seem to be run much, much smaller and are often crunched or stretched. I adjusted the size because of this on the Sunday. the fact is the strips are just too small anyway, and it worse for the strips like JP, which are realistic and more detailed. The best way to see them now is on-line. My dad sends me the strip out of the Detroit Free Press, and its crunched there, so I use that as my barometer on adjusting things, even the coloring.

I guess sometimes I bold the letters and sometimes I don't on the recap. I think I stopped as it didn't seem to read as well to my eyes.