Sunday, September 11, 2011

Judge Parker

Is Sophie's new romance going to get of the ground with some hot licks?


CC said...

Hey come you didn't do anything in today's strip as a tribute to 9-11? I noticed a whole bunch of strips were doing
10th anniversary of 9-11 messaging.

Mike Manley said...

I think the timing and our story was Woody's thinking. I'm fine with it, when we did the cancer strip, it was just coloring it pink and sticking on a logo--much easier to do. Personally I don't know how you could boil such an event doing into 7 or 5 frames(depending on the format the paper carries) with these characters an have it not just look wrong, bad or cheesy. I felt the same with a lot of the comic stuff. having Captain America crying or mad holding a flag is dumb, he's fictional and in his "universe" he'd have stopped the planes, or the Avengers would.

If the strip didn't acknowledge the event when it happened, doing it bow and having somebody having a tear or plopping a flag and a slogan on the strip just seems hallow and wrong.

CC said...

All good, Mike. Was just curious.

I noticed that there wasn't anything in Rex Morgan either. Mary Worth's creators had Mary "calling a friend" in NYC, who had lost a son. Apartment 3-G had one of the characters being proposed to and then in the last panel commemorating the 9-11 anniversary, having nothing to do with the fist six panels. Spiderman did something with it, with Spidey swinging onver Ground Zero. Phantom and Prince Valiant didn't do anything with it either. By the way, off topic, I noticed Eduardo Barreto is back on a comic strip, as he is doing the The Phantom Sundays.

Mike Manley said...

It would be hard for Prince Valiant to tie in for sure, but those examples are what I was talking about--either shoe it in in one panel or have a character just mention it--its just doesn't seem a good fit to me.

If other creators want to--hey that's great, everybody has a right to do what they want with their strip. yes, Baretto is back on the Phantom--good for him!