Sunday, April 24, 2005

Gesture, Gesture Burning Brite

A few more quick gestures done in my figure drawing class to show the students the process, and what I am searching for in a gesture drawing. I love rough sketches and drawings, they are always alive with raw energy and the creative spark, kenetic in a way a more serious or formal drawing often isn't.

BELOW is a layout for a page from the POWER of Shazam Annual I did about 10 years ago. The goal for me is to get the same kind of gesture energy seen in the sketches from LIFE I've been posting in my comic and stoyboard work. So often I get it in my roughs, and loose some of the juice in the finish. There is an egergy in a sketch, rough or sketchbook drawing that is raw and alive! It's always a fight to have the same vitality in finished work, and the more steps in the process, the more chance that energy will evaporate. the layout below drawn at print size has energy and despite some wonky or off drawing, I prefer it to the finiahed page.

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