Sunday, April 03, 2005

Soggy Sunday

Well it looks like the rain is suposed to move off the coast soon. it has been one swampy mess this weekend adn to top it off my internet service has been spotty too. I'm pretty unhappy with my ISP lately, ths is the second time in a month that the service has crapped out, so I'm seriously considering swithing to cable for a try.

The worst thing about all the rain is that my dogs are bored to tears.
Shazam, my 10-year-old Austrailian healer mix sits in the livingroom window and just looks out, she even licks the glass inside as the rain runs down thinking that she's getting a drink...sometimes even sort of "hurumphing-sighing" like a kid trapped inside on a rainy day. Dogs just don't understand rain for days on end, they are creatures of habit and have a schedule, especially my other healer mix, Buster. and I don't blame them for not wanting to hunch in the cold rain to take a dump...hell I wouldn't either.

But rainy weekends are good for getting work done.I've been inking like mad all weekend to send a huge batch of Turtles pages out Monday via FTP now that (hopefully) my internet is fully restored.


South Park Junkie said...

I like rainy days. I'm not sure exactly why but there's just something about rain and cloudy gray skies that appeals to me. Sunny days are alright, but for as long as I can remember, I've always liked cloudy days where you can't see the sun better than normal days. Snowy days are especially good. When I was little I used to live in Idaho and we'd get a whole assload of snow over there. We moved to Texas when I was six, and shortly after that we came to Philly where it only snows a few inches then doesn't snow again for several days, even weeks.

BTW, what exactly is FTP anyway? I've heard it's got something to do with publishing files to the web but I'm not sure exactly how it works. I might have pointed out when I was talking to you in person, that I'm interested in learning HTML, web design, anything having to do with computers and how they work.

Mike Manley said...

I like the rain right before a big thunderstorm while the air is all a-crackle, or a break in the summer from the heat. It's awesome out west when the monsoons come, rain on one horizion, sun where you stand...

FTP is File Transfer Protocal I think

It's basically my computer putting a file directly onto another computer in a certain place. Fer instance my computer putting a file from my art folder on my desktop using the program FETCH which basically directly calls up a certain address and sub folders on that address, which is my websites address on the server ( another computer at my internet service provider ISP for short) which has my website on it. So FTP is shooting files from folder to folder on different computers.

If I haven't totally confused you.

SPJ My suggestion is to start a blog yourself and learn some basic HTML via trial by error and a few library books

you can learn basic HTML in a weekend and programs like Go-liveand Dream Weaver etc make it really easy now.

bustedacres said...

Heya! I've never heard of an Australian healer before--but what a beautiful dog.

Here in Seattle we've been getting some crazy weather--lots of hail lately.

So I've got some questions for you, Mike, about Frank Robbins. I'm crazy about the guy, and I know you have some originals of his--do you have any of his Sundays? I'm mainly curious about their size.

Help me out!