Thursday, July 13, 2006

From Script to Print Preview up on AWN

The on-line magazine Animation World network has an article covering the new compilation book Danny Fingeroth and I "How to Create Comics from Script to Print" did complete with excerpts up on their site. Danny and I created a cross-over between our magazines Write Now! amd DRAW! which are both printed by Twomorrows Publishing.

The cross-over covered the complete creative process from the beginning to the end in creating a charater and comic book,the final result is a 7 page comic story in full color.

Danny and I walk you through our entire process from our intial conversations, the plot, script and designs to the penciling, inking and final coloring and lettering. The new book which collects both magazines into one volume with new material from both Danny and myself will be making it's premiere next week at the San Diego Comi-con. You can order your's today direct from


Travis Christian said...

Thanks, Mike. I think I'm going to give a shot!

Brothergrimm said...

I'm going to have to get my hands on this pretty quick!

Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this interview with former Spider-Man comics group editor Danny Fingeroth. Fingeroth is also the editor of "Disguised as Clark Kent" and "Superman on the Couch," and is editor of "Write Now! magazine.