Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Ninja Turtles

While everyone and his mother is out in San Diego this week for the big con I decided to pass, save a few dollars and work. I canceled my hotel (making some con goer happy I know as rooms are impossible to get now) and turned my tickets into vouchers with Southwest which Echo and I will use in September on a trip to Arizona. So I sit here in the sweatbox of Philly drawing away missing the cool sea breezes of San Diego, my studio is only survivable with the air conditioner straining against the heat as the sun hits that side of the house and my studio all afternoon. It registerd at 99 in the shade yesterday afternoon on my sunporch, in the car on the way to figure drawing at DCAD yesterday afternoon the tempature read an INCONVENIENT but TRUTHFUL 103 on the navigation readout....Global Warming is in FULL EFFECT!

Here is another TMNT page plus my thumbs for the two page flashback where Casey's baby is kidnapped. The thumbs were drawn at this size since it's better for me to design the shapes small, this way I don't get caught up in details and miss the storytelling and dynamics I am going for.

you can see a bigger scan of page 5 here.


william wray said...

Great expression on the guy cooing the baby.

Ink Blatt said...

Damn. That last panel would've taken me a week to draw. You're right up there with 'Ringo on drawings kids as well. My hat's off to you, good sir. I definitely look forward to this issue.

leif said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I've posted a follow-up with some additional art (and info thanks to Armando Mendez) in case your curious. I'd love to see some pages from that Nuclear Power comic you have photocopies of! If you ever decide to post them here I'll be happy to post about it with a link, or if you feel its not appropriate for what you're trying to accomplish here, I'd be glad to host them in my Flickr archives with a credit line link back to you.

You've got a lot of excellent work here, Mike - very much enjoyed perusing your posts!

Best wishes - L ;-)

Kelly said...

So, Southwest flies out of Philly then, huh? I might have to go that way next time I fly into San Diego because of the hell that US Airways put my sister through with all of the recent delays--yeah, I know, you can't blame the airlines for acts of god, but you can blame them for how they mistreat their patrons during one.

Anyhow, I find myself in my 40's and getting into comics again thanks to you and your companions. I think my husband considers it further proof that I am indeed in the throws of a mid-life crisis! Great job on these TMNT pages--all of them up here in fact. I can't wait to see the finished product. One thing--why is the link to the larger version of page 5 actually giving me a slightly smaller version instead?

Ryan Cody said...

You coming out for the Phoenix con with Bret? If so, it will be nice to see you again (we met briefly at last year's SDCC), and Bret.

Mike M said...

Yes, I'll be there with Bret and we'll be giving some drawing demos too.

Ryan Cody said...

cool, it will be good seeing you again.