Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Sayonara Mako

I read last night that the actor Mako passed away from throat cancer last Friday. Most of us remember him not only as the voice of Samurai Jack's nemisis Aku, but the wizard and narrator in the Conan films and his Academy Award nominated roll in the Sand Pebbles. It seems he was more than just a character actor though and cofounded and ran a theater company in LA. He had a great distinctive voice, no doubt in part aided by smoking...which no doubt lead to his death from cancer. It's sort of ironic as I just started posting the SJ boards on the blog and saw him in one of the Conan flicks the other day, I believe the same day he passed away, which was last Friday. I always liked him in whatever roll I saw him in, and his voice was perfect for Aku. he was a great voice actor in ana age when voice acting is sort'a beyond stale on cartoons.

He will be missed. The newer generations of actors lack the depth and distinction..the "type" that character actors from the previous generation had. Some say there are no character actors left in Hollywood. Everyone on TV is under 30 and looks the same.


willceau said...

I've been following Mako in TV and film for years. What's interesting is that he has appeared with most all of the major martial arts stars in film. He fought Bruce Lee in "the Green Hornet." He was Jackie Chan's teacher in "The Big Brawl" and I know he's been in a couple of Chuck Norris films.

He had a tremendous voice, and he will be sadly missed.

roque said...

Ghostbot had the distinct privilege of running into him one day at Nickelodeon. It was an "Oh-crap-is-that-Mako" moment. He was amazingly nice and interested in what we did. What a rare talent.

nagy said...

We will miss him.