Monday, February 11, 2008

Back in the Paint

I finally hit the paints again at school last week after a big break due to the storyboarding. I was niot having a good go at it the last time, I was just beat down and mentally distracted and didn't feel I could concentrate, so I ended up wiping out the painting 3 times and eventually just gave up. I think I blew all the cobwebs outof my head and this pose, done on the same board I wiped the original female model off of 2 weeks ago . I think this start is much better. It's in oil using a earth palette of Ochre, Mars Black and a red.
This is the block-in on the still life I did the study of two weeks back. I was originally going to do a diptic, but there isn't much time left for this assignment so I decided maybe I'll save that for another time. I roughed this out in one session and I can't wait to hit it again this week.

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CCG Coordinator said...

Hey Mike,

Yeah, that's nice work! The color scheme is sweet but you really have the contrast and tone thing rocking too. I still struggle seeing the tone in color work I create. I'd say you're back into the fine art swing despite your time off for the freelance work.
Man, your inking video has gotten some attention! Hope you can squeeze a few more like that out in your "copious" free time.

Keep the faith,