Monday, February 25, 2008

Figure Monday

Monday was off to a fast start this week, I was up early and out the door to PAFA and in early for my sculpture class. This was the second week of the actual clay slapping on the model. I made good progress but I will be rushed to try and finish it up for the last week of the pose before spring break. I have to say I really love pushing that clay around and now I'm pretty sure I will try and make sculpture my minor.

This was the second pass at the figure on this pose. Both of these picks were snapped with my cell phone camera as I forgot my canon at home. I think this one is going much better than the last one and I wish last week wasn't a snow day on the uninstructed pose...I'd be further along. Carolyn was very complimentary about the progress but really wanted me to go back in and explore the shadow side some more, which I'll do on Friday.


PlanetCaravan said...

Did you really take those pics with your cell phone? If so, that's amazing. Whenever I take a picture on my cell, it turns out shitty. How do you upload cell phone pictures to a computer? I never learned how to do that.

BTW, I bet you don't even remeber who I am. It's been a while since I read your blog.

Alan said...

This second pass on the figure painting is lovely. It looks as if the shadows on her back (say, under her arm) could do with being darker?, like the shadows on her legs, which look more solid. A beautiful pose, beautifully captured. This blog is always great to visit

Mike Manley said...

Thanks PC, and yes I remember you, how's your little brother? It seems some pics come out ok, others eh...I think it all has to do with the amount of light.

Alan, yeah I am still working on this, the light changed quite a bit and I was working back into the shadows but then the pose was over. I get one more stab at it Friday and then that's it---spring break.

Will Rosado said...

The sculpture and painting are realy coming along. Love how you've slapped the clay around.I might have to go back to school for some sculpture. I loved it the first time i took it.

Alan said...

Yeah I remember you mentioned the changing light issue with the male figure study (which was also a lovely piece of work) recently. That must be SO frustrating. I guess ideally you need to be working fast or be able to control your lighting.