Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rock and Roll baby!

This is a cover for the rock group Accents to Action out of Pittsburgh. You can check their cool music out on their myspace page. The leader, Chaz Moneypenny contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing a cover for them and I said,"Sure!" They came across my art on teh web and liked my monster comic stuff.

They were easy to work with and I love music and understand the struggle of the up-and-commer myself. Down with Corporate Rock! Haha! They wanted the group to be depicted fighting a giant disco-ball monster. This was a one day job from start to finish due to the packed schedule I've had, but now I get a breather of a more normal work schedule. Go check these guys out!

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PlanetCaravan said...

That's awesome. I think I get what the cover's about. It's supposed to be a bunch of guys using their music to fight more mainstream stuff.

I've never heard of this band. I assume they're not too well known. Are they anything like Slayer or Metallica? Both of those are pretty hard rock bands.

BTW, I haven't commented on your blog in such a long-ass time. I bet you probably don't remember me.