Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chicken Wire and Paint

This was my first full week back at school after a huge pile of storyboard work. it was also a big week of change personally as my life suddenly took a turn I hoped wouldn't happen, and a very important person in my life has gone. But one must go on, and that's all that will be said for now on that front. the painting above is my second pass at it in Carolyn Pryfoms life painting class. As always I have a devil of a time painting in Studio 4 in the classic building. within an hour the light changes dramatically in the afternoon classes, shadows and tones shift from cool to warm as the sun sets and the light inside the studio become more dominate. I did quite a bit of correcting on this painting this week.

The two pics above are of the chicken wire armature I made of my late dog Buster I am sculpting for my class with Nocella. I did the clay maquette a few weeks back. I did this in one class as I had to make up for the two weeks I missed due to work. next week it's burlap and then plaster time!

this is one of the blind conture drawings we do in my other sculpture class every week before we work on our sculptures.

This is the chair and wire frame for the sculpture I will begin slinging clay at next week, again I did this in one class, busting my ass as I missed two weeks in this class to. It was a busy week, painting and constructing armatures and personally. I am glad tomorrow's Friday...and I usually don't feel that way.

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