Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Yorker Style Cartoon


This is a job I just finished yesterday, it was a job for an old client, Lunchbox, who I did the Dr. Direct comics with before. This time they were initially looking to do a series of direct mail cards for a client featuring a superhero. Then the client changed their mind and decided to scrap the cape for a faux New Yorker style cartoon. The jokes are pretty tame, the salesman waited so long to see the doc, he expired. I drew it up in pencil, scanned it in and then printed it out on watercolor paper and then colored it with watercolors to get that official "New Yorker" feel. The client was very happy with it, so that makes me happy and it was a fast, fun little job.


william wray said...

You are the new Booth! Try your left hand next time. ;-)

Mike Manley said...

ha, that's a good idea.

Urban Barbarian said...

Well done!!! Perfection!