Sunday, November 09, 2008

Life Painting Mid-Term

This is the final, or the point at which I stopped on my second painting in Al Gury's life painting class. I guess this would be my Mid-Term assignment. I had to use a photo to finish this up at home since I missed one week due to my cold and the fact that I am not able to get the second uninstructed class with the model every week as I teach that day. So that meant I had half the time most of the class had to do the painting, hence the use of the photo to help out--which also can lead to other issues like distortion of color and the camera does have a slight fish-eye/wide angle distortion as well. It's also from a fixed point which doesn't allow me to move as see more angles on the model to understand something better.

there are parts I am happy with and parts I am not, but with these class paintings I always feel rushed and like i never get a good footing at times. Out of a 3 hour class, once a week, about 90 minutes painting time is all you get with set-up, breaks and clean-up. So it's a sprint to the finish to be sure.

Below is a more detailed picture.


alan said...

Amazijng for such a short amount of work time. I love the lighting, the painting of the highlights, esp on the face

Mike M said...

Thanks Alan, I always feel like the fuse is lit in class and I am racing to avoid disaster.