Monday, November 03, 2008

Marvel Comics Field Guide Cover

This was one of the rush jobs I did over the weekend for Twomorrow's Publishing. It's the cover to the Marvel Comics Field Guide, a book coming out next year covering marvel in the 60's, and the best thing about this for me is that it will be inked by Marvel legend Tom Palmer!

Once the cover comes back inked I'll post the final inked and colored image.


Josh said...

Looks awesome.

Cedric said...

Great job! Love the composition (cluttered in a deceptively organized way). Very loose and fun. Can't wait to see the final version.

Silvio Spotti said...

Didn´t you realise that you are a legend yourself?

Michael Dooney said...

Wolverine's claws in the '60's??????
Looks cool! ;)

ScottN01 said...

Nice piece! Lots of more 'realistic' drawing than the Secret Saturdays or cartoony work.

What's in the glass case next to the Hulk's pants? It looks like energy or something contained but I can't place it?

Overwise, looks awesome. I think Cap's shield could have been also done unwrapped and just seen as the underside of it with the arm straps. It has a cool storage room look to it. Can't wait to see what Palmer does with it!

Eduardo Monteiro said...