Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mixed Bag

Here is a mixed sampling of recent work, some finished and some in progress. the above drawing was a two week drawing in Scott Noel's class and it was a bear of a drawing. the light changed quite a bit from the original set-up and then there was a lot to try and get at on this...and I don't consider the drawing really done, but I am happy with parts of it like the skeleton. Funny how the drawing went from being about the model to about the skeleton. I feel very unsatisfied recently with my work at school, I just feel cramped for time and I am trying to incorporate things I am learning which are not fully digested yet. The one group of work I am happier with is the small studies in charcoal. the trick will now to see if I can translate that feeling and esthetic I have in the small drawings into paintings
here is another samll still life in charcoal.
here is a 'constructional" self portrait done for John Horn's class. John didn't want us to render this, but to do a drawing exploring the construction of ourselves. I was influenced a bit by a drawing of a man dressed as a clown by RICO LEBRUN.

Today I started a broad grisi block-in in still life class. It's in acrylic, which I haven't painted in since high school. Tomorrow I go to NYC to see Vincent Desiderio in and get to visit with him and have him talk about his art on a school field trip. man, I can't wait.

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