Monday, November 10, 2008

Week 12

This is week 12 of the semester, and that means 4 more weeks till that's all she wrote for my first year as a student at The Academy. In January I start my second year as a student and I am all signed up for classes. 15-16 weeks go past in a blur, especially I think because I am so busy in school as a student and as a teacher. I feel I've made some growth this semester, though at times I am pretty frustrated, more so in painting because I've done so little of it. I think I've progressed in drawing, especially in the still life class. Above is the bust of Zenia we've been working on all year. It's coming down to the last two poses with the model and then we cast the bust. It's getting close now, I'm "In the zone" according to John Horn, my teacher. It's a little off here, a little more on there, constantly working around the whole head. I've redone the mouth 4 times and finally think I got it this time.

This is the sketch I did today of the new model for the final pose in Al Gury's Life painting class. I got a good crit from Al on the last painting, so when I have a chance I'll go back in and make some adjustments, but this pose I think already is much better and my sketch is much better too than the last one. I'm frustrated painting this semester since I only get to do it that one morning each week, so I feel my progress is slow and I have to work back into a rythm as well as try and employ the concepts and approach Al teaches.

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