Thursday, November 06, 2008

Mixed Bag Wednesday

Above is a drawing done directly in ink with a letraset tria brushpen in a moleskin sketchbook of a fellow passenger on the Market-Frankford EL I take in every day, to and fro from school. The tria markers you can fill with just about anything that will flow, so I mixed up a sort of sepia ink and loaded it in. I think it works really well on the creamy paper of the sketchbook. I love this direct drawing in pen, though at times the train shakes so much it's really hard to draw anything, you sort of have to dash or slash away at the drawing to get the line down and not have it wiggle all over. I try and sketch if I can on every trip on the train but sometimes it's impossible if I have to stand or I have too much stuff to carry.

Today was my all-day drawing day at PAFA, starting this morning in Scott Noel's class. I was a few minutes late and when I arrived the pose had just started. Scott posed himself in the set-up along with the model. The drawing belowis all about the space of the room and uniting the groupings of values and objects. I did it on a sheet of Rives BFK with pastels. The set-up was quite big so I couldn't really finish the drawing in any detail, I had to go for bolder shapes and masses.

here is what might
be the final still life of the current set-up in the still life room at school. This week the break them all down and set up new ones for the last session of the semester.

I have one session left Friday so I might try and do one more drawing. This set-up wasn't the most exciting for sure, but that offered me a challenge
to try and make something interesting with the drawing, the lighting, edges etc.


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