Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Portrait Progress

Even though my friend Chuck wasn't sitting tonight for me, I went at the background a bit tonight very briefly while cooking dinner. Tomorrow the Dirty Palette Club meets again for another go-round on our portrait of Chuck, so be sure to check the DPC blog in a day or two to see our update.

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mburrell12 said...

At this stage Chuck looks done! It has the "Polar Express" Christmas book feel to it. I think you over baked it on the next stage. You've got some nice light in the shadows and a relaxed feel. I think you should consider stopping short some, breaking away from your comic training for awhile you can always pull it back into your work later. I just feel you need to unleash yourself to go after that Sargent painterly style or where ever. You have the makings of a really good painter your already a good illustrator-artist.