Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Winter Blast-Figure Comp 2

Yesterday was the first big snow storm in Philly this winter, I snapped a bunch of pics as I walked home after teaching at Uarts. My class was over late and it was a full winter wonderland on my way home. You can see more pics on my Facebook folder.

I also started my second painting in my Figure comp class, the biggest painting I've done to date at 30 x 36. It's a 4 week pose so I hope I can get something decent down on the canvas in that time.


William R. Moore said...

The facebook did not work for me. ?

Mike Thompson said...

That winter photo would make a terrific subject for a future painting, Mike.

J said...

That Philly photo is stunning. Isn't life grand when a walk home can present you with something so picturesque?