Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Video Tutorials Coming

One of the things I am pretty excited about is the series of video tutorials I have started on and plan to bring on-line this year.

I get a lot of people asking me for help, tips, tricks and how-to info on a lot of art related things, from drawing and inking to coloring and even painting. I do already have an entire magazine, DRAW! which is all about comics and animation how-to, plus a DVD and book on the subject as well. But things are changing and I think everybody is going to the YOUTUBE route.

And face it, reading and demo is never as good as watching a demo. I learned a lot by watching my teacher Scott Noel work is amazing pastel drawings live in class. There are even guys like Stephen Silver doing on-line courses now.

So with all of this in mind I plan on starting to make some video-demos covering a lot of my working practices. I'm also throwing the ball out to you guys and gals to ask you what you'd like to see a demo on. I have already shot the first demo with my buddy Jamar Nicholas and I'm in the editing process now. I hope to have the first part up in the next week or so.


Kelly said...

Line, line, line. Okay, perhaps it isn't the sexiest topic, but it's an important one, and you have a firm grasp on the subject not to mention an amazing ability to practice what you preach.

BTW, I'll be updating my photos as well here at blogspot. My sister Erin has been on for a month or so now and we're keeping up on each other's work. Please feel free to stop by sometime and leave the usual pearls o' wisdom.

Mr. Happy, Ink. said...

Since you're taking requests, I'd like to see you demo some of the material you'd have covered with Bret in what would have been (will be?) the best "how to draw" book ever published, "Acting with a Pencil: Effective Drawing for Comics and Animation."

Silvio Spotti said...

I want to see you drawing comics.
The way you use to do it in a normal working day.

Brian Churilla said...

I'm dieing to see an inking tutorial. I am always inspired by your inks (the doodles beneath them are pretty fancy as well). I'd like to see when and why you hop from brush to nib, different brush effects etc...

workhard said...

Hello, i would like to see oil painting tutorial, especially portraits

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