Saturday, February 14, 2009

Week 5-wrap--A bloody mess

Here is my bloody mess of a big painting. man, I was just not feeling it this week or feeling very focused on this thing. I should have made the drawing better, so I will sand the crap out of it and blast back on it this week and bust it up.

I have learned that working on a huge painting takes a lot more intense sessions, and they should be closer together, not days apart. I have no momentum on this thing and really hate the set-up and the whole mess. I think having 5 days between work sessions on this thing is contributing to my fractured approach. But I can only solve this problem by being honest and brutal to my efforts and the canvas.

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Kelly said...

Hang in there. I know the thought probably hurts, but I get where you're coming from with the plan for taking it way back. Maybe do a dramatic removal of detail so you have more of a vague sketch? Little bits still there that resonate with you that you can expand on? I am not sensing Mike in this any more than you are, but I see a lot of potential in this one for you...