Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sick Week

Well this last week was pretty much a wash for me as I got hit hard by that flu that's going around, so I was out for the count until Friday, my first day back in classes. I even had to skip my teaching as I was just too sick to even make it in for that. I still have the nagging cough, which seems to not want to let me sleep very soundly.

But I did finally drag myself back to school Friday afternoon for my uninstructed class in figure composition to once again fight with this wreckage of a painting. Last time i actually sanded it down really well and so i went back in reworking the thing as much as i could, I even stayed late to once again try and get more done. I still need to work on Amy's figure, drop down the background as it's competing too much with the figures and mark's figre, hus legs and torso need more work. But I finally nailed his head and reworked much of the table. the main issues were not planning this thing more, I just winged it and didn't draw any sketches and didn't spend enough time in the initial stage...a mistake I won't repeat on the next painting. What sucks is we have to have a class with no models for one class. Why this wasn't the first class and instead is right in the middle of our pose makes no sense, for cripes sake, raise my tuition the $20 to pay an extra hour to the models.

Oh well, sometimes the painting is a fight.

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