Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Batman Superman Backgrounds

 More from the vast archives that will one day crowd me out of my house. This being my 30th year as a pro means I have 30 years of drawings from comics and animation filling my house---I also now have a zillion paintings crowding my house as well. I will have to start thinning the heard as they say as one day I won't have any room left for me. The cool thing is that I have a lot of copies of the work I've done like these backgrounds. These are a sample of work from Batman, Superman and Batman Beyond.

 A nice long pan from a board that I know was drawn by my buddy Bret Blevins.
 Sone line art from a background that later I must have toned, but I haven't come across that yet.
I also did some backgrounds as well as storyboards on Superman. The great thing about the cross training comics gives you is the ability to employ different skill sets, this allows you a lot more opportunity to work in various jobs like drawing and designing BG's or character design, etc. If you can do that it means you'll have a lot more fun as well as have a lot more steady employment and opportunities to work on cool projects.

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