Sunday, January 12, 2014

Final Semester Week 1

This was the first week of my final semester as a student...but I had no classes for myself at PAFA but I did start my Visual Development class out at PCAD in Lancaster, PA. Since it was my first day of course that meant that Old Man Winter had to make the travel a mess with sleet, snow and freezing rain. Just as i was pulling out of my driveway it started and by the time I was on the turnpike it was really coming down and made it a slick ride out. But it was also a pretty ride out.
I have 10 students in my class  and they all seem like good eggs as they say. Some of them I knew from my 24 Hour Comicbook Day event I did with them this last fall out at the school. I got a lot of first day help from the staff and fellow teachers which made my first day very smooth. The class I feel will be a challenging and fun one for everybody and I am excited to see the concepts the students come up with. I feel we are on a good track since so many of them love the Golden Age illustrators like Wyeth and Cornwell, etc.

Tomorrow starts the second week at PAFA and I'll have my first class Tuesday, another Writing and Research Seminar and I hope I'll have some feedback on my thesis from Scott Noel. I'd like to knock that out right away then just spend time painting--I was just asked to be in a group show at LaPelle in Feb, so I need to get back to painting. I haven't walked into school since Winter Break started.

I think in many ways I have already left the schools mentally and I am really looking forward to being done with that part of my life as an artist. I will actually start bringing things home week by week so when i get to the end I will hopefully have almost nothing left in my studio to move out. the big decision will be where I move my painting studio? Do I get a studio outside of home? Do I convert my attic or a bedroom? I'll have to consider a lot of things from the financial end as I'll have that nice fat student loan nut every month. There will be pros to staying home and cons---like I'll never see anybody...but that might also might not be a bad thing.


William R. Moore said...

You may not want to share but what is your thesis topic?

It seems the bedroom home studio would be less costly than a rental property or attic conversion. I guess that your whole house can be your studio, that is is you are the only resident.

You said,"like I'll never see anybody...but that might also might not be a bad thing"

Hopefully you will still have The Dirty Palette Club and other options are a drawing painting groups sharing a model.

lost_in_woods said...

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