Monday, March 07, 2005

Ugh...Monday many of you reading this I drug my sorry ass outta' bed this am about 8:45 to face the whirl wind that is Monday. Much to do this week, especially work on the book Acting with a Pencil with Bret. Also have to finish inking a few Turtles pages, design a album cover for a friend's group and do my TAXES....UGH indeed!

One week ago I was in stormy Orlando Flordia at Mega-con, getting to sit and chat with charming, pretty boothmates--and no, I don't mean Bret!


A few weeks back hung my classes work in the student show at DCAD where I teach Drawing for Animation and Storyboarding & Storytelling, and this semester Figure Drawing for Animation and Illustration on Wednesdays. Last semester's big project was to do a comic story, at least 4 pages long. Most of my students had never ever done a comic story before, some hadn't even read many comics, but in the end they all did really great stories for their first time. I made them do it old school, pen and brush, no markers...markers are for whimps!
Check out a bigger image HERE

DCAD is a fairly new school and is sort of a pilot or co-op by Pratt, and has a great highly motivated faculty. It's a 2 year school in the center of Wilmington Delaware,
about 30 miles south of Philly, which is a rough city trying to revitalize itself. The school itself is housed in a great old Deco building which used to house the Wilmington Electric Co. at one time. I have a great group of kids who take my "tough love" well, and all have really improved from the beginning of class last August. I learn a lot about myself as an artist and about art as I teach them...I learn all over again..which is great. Here are a few more pics...the fine art classes and the design classes and one on my students Davy posing next to his story.

Mike M

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