Friday, July 29, 2005

Back to normal..or the New Normal

Boy, just catching up here at ACTION PLANET central on all of the things one puts off or falls behind on due to traveling and vacation. Bills, cleaning, decisions, decisions. School starts in a month at DCAD, but since this will be my 3rd year teaching, it will be easier since I have material already prepared. I'll be teaching a night class or CE class on cartooning and comics as well as my two day classes,Storyboarding and Storytelling and Drawing for Animation. I'd like to get in some regular weekly figure drawing, life drawing too. I feel the need to really buckle down more, get more personal with my work, less commercial, less matching other "house-show" styles. I also have another project that could be really huge, maybe the biggest thing I've ever done, but I can't really talk about it yet as it's in developement stage. This project, if it takes off could cause a huge life change as well as a move. When I have a clear idea of it's assurance, I'll spill the beans.

This last trip out west to the galleries along with the convention has really had me doing a lot of thinking about where I'll be steering the ship of life in the future. I hope to expand my magazine Draw! Onto the newstand next year to get around the direct market which sucks major donkey balls. Over and over at the con I heard " Wow, love DRAW!, but my retailer can't/won't get it". The fact is the direct market is mostly made up of guy's who order only what you see in Wizard. Draw! isn't about that type of work. No broken backed ho's, no over rendered phot-traced crap or disappearing feet 80's retread. So I want to reach escape vilocity and get on the newstands where I can reach a mass audience, grow circulation like the regular art magazines do like American Artist, Artist International, Southwest Art etc.

I will be putting more time into personal work, drawing and painting, and yes some comics, a few of which I hope will make it to Baltimore and SPX. I'm going to try printing out limited numbers of my Epson in color. Manley mini-comics. I'll still do my GIRL PATROL and Trax Rover as small run regular comics. I'm specing them out with short run printers now. All of this is pretty liquid right now so I'm just moving ahead and I'll adjust as I need to.

It looks like I'll return to boarding on Venture Brothers season II next month as well. So I'm going to be busy, but hopefully busy only working on things I like. I am very interested to try and break into the gallery scene after spending so much time studying and visiting galleries in the last few years. I'll be setting up some still lifes at home over the next few weeks for practice. if I like what I do. I'll post some here.


Byagi said...

Venture Bros. is fricking awesome. Just curious, what is the process for boarding? Does someone give you the story and you draw it out? Do you ever have to make changes from the original idea to make it work when you draw it?

Mike M said...

Doing a baord I get a script, just like any movie or TV show, sometimes i get a tape with the actor's voices and use that to make the acting match, then I follow the script and draw out the action. The amount of leaway I have to deviate from the script depends on the show and director. Sometimes it's simply being a service robot sometimes I get to add a lot or even completely change things.