Saturday, July 02, 2005

Indy Pentance Day

I hope you regular American readers of my little blogspot have an enjoyable weekend of grilled-flesh-of-many-beasts, adult beverages, explosions, Live-8,caution level terror warnings, family fueds, and sand filled cracks.

I'll be chill'n wiff me hommies this weekend too. I thinks it's sort of funny how this year there are no raise levels of alerts like last year. Guess since Bush got back in there is no need for the lame duck to scare us little lambs, no big Boggie Man-Osama waiting in the local post offic drop box with anthrax laced sparklers and water ice.

Seems we've moved past the stage where the war is even the lead story, just another story, at least on the local news here in Philthy.

But we've all got some pentance coming as a country, I believe that, hell I feel it every time I fill my tank in my SUV. The sketchbook is ready for sale come MONDAY! I'LL TAKE EARLY ORDERS.....

Well I'm off to eat, draw and make merry. Have fun!


Jeff said...

Mike, great site! Each day, I take a break and go exploring, hitting that "Next Blog" button at the top of the page, and seeing where it takes me. Today, it brought me to your site, and I'm glad it did!

Especially since you're in Philadelphia ... I'm what my neighbors here, in Texas, call a 'dang Yanke from back-east' ... I used to live just a couple hours north of Philly on the northeast extension of the turnpike ... a town called Dallas? ... ten miles west of Wilkes-Barre?

Anyway, good site, good thoughts, great graphics ... thanks for sharing ... and Happy 4th!

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