Friday, July 22, 2005

San Diego Memories...

I just got back from Arizona last nite, where I had a few days of vacation and painting and drawing after the SD con, and boy did I need it. I cut together a little 2005 San Diego iMovie from the video and tons of pics I snapped while experiencing the 5 days of the Comicon. I'll give a final wrap-up of my experience later today, but I think the movie just about sez it all. It's a quicktime movie ad 24 megs, but it should stream.


Dan Bois said...

Excellent Video. As always it was a pleasure talking to you at the con. The Babymen where out in force. They didn't like the M&M starwars figures. "They went to far". cried out one babyman as he clutched a signed photo of Tiffiny Taylor, anxiously looking for a protective sleeve to put the photo in. I told him a sith made of chocalatey goodness was a good thing!

South Park Junkie said...

Wow Mike, that was a long-ass movie. The more I read about the cons you've been to, the more I wish I could go to one. I remember you mentioning a con where you could get old MADs. Did this con have any, and how much did they cost? The movie was pretty cool, but it would have been better if you had started with the Star Wars theme at the beginning and named it "Attack of the Babymen." That would've been kick-ass. Maybe you could even have had an opening crawl:

A long time ago, at a con far far away, Mike Manley was in a state of unrest.
Tired of drawing comics and playing online fantasy games, he decided he needed more excitement. This is the story of a nerd trying to survive amidst inconveniences such as shitty hotel service, intruders trying to sabotage his blog and much more. As he makes his way through droves of nerds, staring at hot girls dressed like Wonder Woman, there is only one question on his mind: "How come I've been walking around this fucking place for hours and I still haven't lost any weight?"

If only I had better knowledge of digital movie editing, I would change the title, insert the opening crawl and play the Star Wars theme in the background myself. It would be even cooler if I could post the new version online, but that might infringe on some copyright laws, and you'd probably be pissed if that opening crawl showed up anywhere other than this blog. And since you have about 200 pounds on me it would be good if I didn't piss you off.

T McG said...

did they announce the Darkhawk movie yet?

'Ain't It Cool' news says its coming, i swear! ;)

Mike M said...

Good seeing you to Dan! haha! Yes, the babymen were in full effect!

Krinkle that shit up boy!

SPJ, yes there were old Mad mags there, always are, I didn't look for any comics this year though.

My lil' movie is just my experience, I didn't want any Star Wars Parody, the show is parody enough already. I think you'd enjoy the con, your brother too, but I think your parents, being quite types would be overcome quickly, though they would probably love San Diego.

You know I never played any on-line games...don't even know how, my PS2 has dust on it...and I played dungeons and dragons once in 10th grade, not my cuppa tea---way too geeky!!

Never read Tolkien, nor Dune, I can't take the fantasy stuff,elves and crap--yeech! Conan was as far as I got when I was 17.

As far as editing movies go, iMovie is pretty easy if you have a Mac. If you have a PC I suppose there must be something similar, but why use a PC anyway?


Mike M said...

Darkhawk the movie eh? Hahaha!

South Park Junkie said...

Yeah, I'm not much into fantasy either. If I ever did get into Tolkien, it would be more for the Old English and medieval elements of his writing, rather than the elves and shit. For about a year now, I've had an interest in almost anything medieval or having to do with Old or Middle English. I've been trying to learn the language online. You'd be amazed how many good sites you can find on Google, considering the fact that OE is a relatively obscure language.
But back on the subjects of Fantasy games, I'm not really into RPG's. You have to create your own character, and make up a story about them and I would start to get tired of it pretty soon. I only brought up the subject of fantasy games, cause you look like the stereotypical nerd in so many ways. If you've ever seen the Simpsons you should be familiar with Comic Book Guy. He's fat, balding with a ponytail, lives in his mom's basement and was still a virgin in his forties, the archetypal nerd in every way.
After reading your blog, you don't seem to be that much of a geek. The only way you really act like a nerd is by going to cons and looking like Comic Book Guy. Alot of times I read this blog just to reply to something you've posted, and sometimes when I feel like it, I post to be a wise-ass and tease you for being fat. (Hey it's not like you didn't get that in school already, you should be used to it by now :-)

T McG said...

I don't know if i'm a Babyman or not, but i'm a freakin' nerd & proud of it. I'm not some skinny runt who smells like sweat and nacho cheese, but i love fantasy stuff - Conan, LOTR, Star Wars, Elfquest and all that goodness. Playing RPG's on my PC growing up.

Whats with all the nerd-o-phobia on this board? Fuck that, nerds are cool. Comics & superheroes are cool. Some of the folks i see in my local comicshop creep me out a bit, but most of them seem decent.

Just stay away from the 'Magic: The Gathering' card table at the back of your comic-store and you'll be ok. Nerds unite! EXCELSIOR!

Mike M said...

Everybody is a nerd for something. I am a nerd for art. I just dislike much of fandom and the direct market as they have bad taste, their bad taste makes it harder for better things to see the light of day and make the medium better, the business better. I'm sorta' tired of the 80's 90's retread the business is stuck to. I'm tired of dark and gritt retread stuff. I'm tired of serious superheroes. Man there was such crap nominated for harvey and Eisner awards this year it to me invalidates the awards. There is good stuff nominated too, don't get me wrong, but a lot of weak material is held up as being good only because it's popular.

Hey I like classic rock and new wave too, just not 24/7. Poor socialization skill, and hygene are not cool, nerd or not. The Simpsons guy is based on Brian Hibbs, who looks just like that. I didn't have a pont tail till 95', and had a gote right after highschool, where i played sports like football and wrestled, track missing placing 3rd in Shotput by less than a quarter inch. I gained my 100lbs of "table Muscle" drawing 14-16 hours a day for 20 years.

nerds invent cool stuff, put men on the moon, invented the thing I'm typing this on. I just dislike comic nerd taste, then again I dispise most peoples taste, or lack thereof.

T McG said...

Mike, from what it sounds like you just are rebelling against the mainstream of your medium. I'm with you there all the way.

It affects all popular mediums of art. Music has Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys and 500 of their clones clogging up the airwaves and CD shelves, while countless great indy rock & jazz bands are stuck playing in bars and clubs.

You mention the Harvey/Eisner awards? I'm sure you rolled your eyes at the winners/nominees as much as serious movie buffs & film critics roll their eyes at many of the Oscar winners. Dozens of X-books mark the shelves of comicstores while original ideas are crapped on...just like countless crappy sequels clog the movie theatres while many other great films seem to be only shown at film festivals.

Its all about business and $$$. Capitalism kills creativity. Babymen are the mainstream and will eat up their X-men #876 while Dave Sim sells enough books to feed his cat & Mike Manley sits at his desk trying to draw like Rob Liefeld just so his book doesn't get cancelled.

Mike M said...

True T, too true. But one cannonly go ahead and not repeat the past. Lucky for me people didn't take to my Liefeld experiment, maybe not lucky for my wallet, but it was interesting to see.

I can't fathom why anyone will even look at his stuff now, or Fathom either for that matter.

Marqas said...

Hey, man. Cool video. I'll have to start doing little stuff like that. I would like to pick up a small digi-cam.


Mike M said...

the canon A80 did the trick.

emmalou said...

Search this thing - it is hilarious how people cant even spell right when they are selling something on eBay