Friday, July 06, 2007

The Big Purging.

Well it's finally begun, starting with the spare bedroom--the often mention, always delayed big purge. Like all artists I collect things, but mabe more than fine artists comic artists and animation artists collect book and comics and each job generates a ton of paper and references, especially storyboards. Each show has model packs, designs and usually spare boards for reference. I get several phone books thickness worth on every job. my rough boards and xeroxes etc. Add that up over the 11 years I've been doing boards--it all adds up.

So I am sorting the wheat from the chaff and having to bite the bullet and rent a storage space to park all the excess in. But in order to make it efficient I need to sort the good so I won't store the bad, and I can find out what is in the good when I go to look for it. No sense in having 50 boxes of stuff you have no idea what's inside.

The end result will be a cleaner house, but also a cleaned-out attic that will be turned into a painting studio for Echo and myself.

I'm also working on a few commissions and I think I'll start another painting--a still life later this evening.

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william wray said...

I'd I were you I'd sell the stuff-- Every month it's in storage is a month your buying it again.