Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fake Creepy Cover

Here is my fake Creepy cover...I thought this would be fun to do. I miss those old mags, they were fun and had a lot of great art in them.


Craig Zablo said...

Yeah, Mike, bring back Creepy and Erie!

rob! said...

Oooh, cool!

Mike, I'd love to link to this from my b/w magazine blog:

...its way cool (your pic, i mean!)

Mike M said...

Thanks guys, go ahead Rob, link away!
Yeah, I miss those old mags, but they would have have to be way too gross today to sell, and there could not be any humor to it either.

rob! said...

i did an interview on the site with IDW's Chris Ryall


...and he mentioned that to get their "Doomed" mag into bookstores, they would've had to shrink-wrap it, which to me is INSANE. Heavy Metal isnt shrinkwrapped, neither are a lot of the Maxim knock-offs(no pun intended), so to have to poly-seal a b/w horror comic magazine seems insane. who makes these rules?

thanks for the a-ok, mike! i love the piece!

Mike M said...

Rob, 99% of comic people are not smart, the business isn't run in an intelligent fashion so what you said doesn't surprise me at all. The idea that you have to limit an already limited thing makes no sense...but that's comics.

Mike M said...
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