Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend Sketching

This was a good weekend. Nice and relaxing. I saw RATATOUILLE which was great, another triumph for Bird, his fantastic team and Pixar.

I also did some cleaning, writing and some sketching at both the diner and at the usual Starbucks hang. I was gonna cut the grass but it was just too dang hot!! Summer has arrived in Philty!

Today's sketching was pretty good, I have a lot more skecthes that I didn't scan that I might post later this week. It was slow at first, but soon there were little waves of ice coffee and specialty drink drinkers. Some teenage girls who ran in for a bit, the suddenly noticed that I had a sketchpad. They all tried to hide so I couldn't draw them. Silly Grrls. I was already busy drawing and old guy--but I did record every bit or girl meat on display, like the Terminator. Is there anything more vien than a suburban teenage female?

This SB is cool because you get pretty interetsting looking old guys, and let's face it, cute girls are great to look at,(and do other things too) but old guys are more fun to draw. There are also sometimes just strange or weird looking people who come in and stroll through like the big shaggy lady or the huge guy eating a cup cake thingie. All of these are at original size drawn in 2B. I always start tight, then loosen up as I go along.

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Leaf said...

Great line and shading work. Wish I could get that energy in my work. Love the HST look-alike and back shot (top pic).