Friday, July 13, 2007

Final Frank

This is it for now I think, my brother Marc is coming to shoot a good pic of it, my Canon A80 can't really match the whites and the colors well here so things are still getting blown out. On to the next Monster.


Craig Zablo said...

great job -- can't wait to see the next monster... any hints for us on what it will be?

Ratcrtur said...

Excellent job!!! I really like the colors you used here. I also think the loose brush strokes work very well with the subject matter. It is a very nice style. But, I am wondering if Frank might be wearing a burglar mask or not. The cleanliness of the shadow area around his eyes and under his brow is not really happening anywhere else in the piece, so it is really standing out to me.
Again, nice job. I can't wait to see the next monster up on deck.