Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wolfman Step-3

I hopped back on the painting wagon this AM and tickled the Wolfman a bit more. I was all over him, adjusting one spot against another and really working on the mouth a lot more. Lots of glazing small washes of color an dtone to push something up or down in value and I also tried to tighten up some shapes too, especially the mouth. I also painted in the sky, but I'll have to wait for the final pass, adding the moon etc., until another day or so. It really helps to shoot a pic too and see what the painting looks like smaller.

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Chad said...

Wow, Mike. This one gets better and better with each step. The colors around the eyes and mouth really carry a raw, visceral feeling that every self respecting lycanthrope should have. feel like I'm a young kid looking at Famous Monsters covers again. Nice job.