Friday, October 28, 2005

B-Day Wrap Up

It's been a busy week here but I am finally posting a few more pics abnd drawings from last Sunday's combined Libra Birthday party at Pod in Philly.
I am also posting a few more drawings I got, one from my pal Christophe and another by Echo based on a joke I made at dinner. I admit, ok, two girls fighting over me as I eat is a pretty Wild on E! fantasy, even if it's on paper :-)


They were playing Samurai Tack on the TV above the sushi bar all nite, even playing one of the episode i worked funny was that!

I love this place...the gang waiting for apps...

BLUE MARTINIS! Gotta drink anything blue, that's the rule.

the crab spring rolls arrive and beef/chicken lettuce wraps

This place has excellent sushi

The birthday King , Elizabeth and Echo...this is kinda spooky looking.

The bill....and the speration of credit cards...good thing I wasn't drunk!

Echo's drawing of me enjoying some girl-on-girl action at dinner.

Christophe's cool card!


echogoesblue said...

Ah, that was some really good time I had^^..

South Park Junkie said...

Girls fighting over you? Maybe if you shaved and lost 100 pounds. When I think of you, I usually think of nerds who live in their parents' basement, with a life-size cardboard Wonder Woman with a hole in the crotch for doing you-know-what. Yeah, I know I have a dirty mind. Time to get my mind out of the gutter, and finish my homework.

John Beatty said...

Nice place to have a party, Mike! I need a group of creative types to hang with...all of them are over in my old home town of Orlando tho...

Echo is one attractive lady! :)

"Good times!"


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Echo said...

Haha, I am only attractive to the smart people;-)