Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mall Madness –– Blade Runner Lunch

I took my class this week to the mall for on-the-spot gesture drawing. I've done this with every class about this time of year. Drawing people from life as they are on the move really throws some for a loop and is a real struggle, but some students catch on and get into the rhythm. What we are trying to get is energy, motion, gesture, not lots of details and rendering.

I spent a good deal of time coaching and doing little dems for the group, so I didn't get to do as much drawing myself. It was fun and the time flew by fast.

A few of the students and I hit Tokyo Sushi, the sushi bar for lunch in Wilmington. I admit, I'm a pretty new convert to sushi, never being a big fish fan as a kid, nor as an adult, though I do like tuna, catfish and sea bass, even sword fish. But I do like the Philly Roll.

This place was recommended by my student Jessica who eats there often. I tried some salmon eggs but stayed away from the octopuss! Yecch. Calamari strongly disagrees with me. We had some cool Japanese ice cream sandwiches made from ice cream and some sort of bean, they were awesome. I always feel like I'm in Blade Runner when I eat sushi. I keep expecting the cook to say "I just do eyes."

It was a fun lunch with the group then back to school for the afternoon class.


Brothergrimm said...

My girlfriend kind of stumbled upon your blog & show it to me. I like the idea of taking your students to the mall for the gesture drawings!
I'm currently attending AAU San Francisco Online, so I'm getting into the thick of all this as well.

bustedacres said...

Mike--you are in for a whole new world of food! When I was introduced to sushi, it took a little while for me to go for it, but it's now my favorite food.

The cliche is that it's "edible art", and that's one of the things I like so much about it. It's so beautiful, such an organized and economically-designed food. No sauce!

If you have an opportunity to go to a sushi bar where you can watch them make it for you, it's fascinating. My favorite is tako (which is mackerel--kind of a lemony-salty fish on rice, very tasty).

I wish I could take your class, but being out here in Seattle makes that a little unlikely. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Mike M said...

Busted, yes the design of the food is great...but I'm all about the taste:-)

As I continue to explore the world of sushi I'll let you know how it goes.

As far as taking my class, maybe I should do some sort of long-distance-learning thing sometime.

bustedacres said...

For me, DRAW! is something of a long-distance class. I've learned a lot from the magazine--particularly from the Paul Rivoche columns and Dave Cooper's Photoshop tutorial.

Hey, here's a question for you: what are the odds of a story/interview with Tony Salmons? That guy's a mad scientist.

Mike M said...

Mad yes :-) Tony is a hard guy to track down. I was in contact with him about doing a article a few years back and he dissapeared again.

echogoesblue said...

Mike, we should have the whole school to come next time, only the nerds get to eat the octopuss (ps: I think I have oredred too much of that last time)

echogoesblue said...
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echogoesblue said...
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echogoesblue said...
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TheMulf said...

Whats wrong with Chicken Fried Rice? ;)

Byagi said...

I would give my left arm for some sushi at 1am....

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