Monday, October 17, 2005

Post-It Monday

With fall here and a brisk wind blowing today I decided to take the air conditioner out of the studio. As I was taking the air conditioner out of the studio window and doing a little sorting and cleaning in the studio, I came across a few doodles on post-its which had fallen down behind my desk. Like many people I often doodle while talking on the phone, mostly absent-mindedly, sometimes in a sketchpad,or the back of an envelope or on one of the many post-it note pads I have laying around the house. Sometimes it's weird what the half occupied mind will release; strange, funny or twisted drawings. I grabbed a bunch and scanned them in to post today.


SteveLambe said...

Ha that Chewbacca design. Cousin IT in space!

Lucifer said...

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Karen said...

Hello, I am searching artist blogs and happened upon yours. Just wondering what other artists blog about. . Thanks for sharing.
Karen Wassmer

John Beatty said...

Hey, about some shots of your studio?

Give us a tour! :)