Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"My granpappy wernt no monkey!"

Majority of Americans Reject Theory of Evolution

Just when you think Americans can't possibly get any dumber we get this latest poll. If you ask me "natural selection" just isn't working. We need proactive selection.


Brothergrimm said...

Wow, tose stats are actually a little scary. You could probably tell that 3/10 have read Memnoch the Devil at this point, and 1 of those three is probably a Christian Goth!
I guess belief within the Bush regime is a little strong, huh?

Happy Hans said...

"This poll was conducted among a nationwide random sample of 808 adults, interviewed by telephone October 3-5, 2005."

If it was polled during the day, when most, um, 'conventially-educated' folks were at work, trying to be productive...none to worry.

It's good remember these results when y'all out there vote next time.

Who's backing your education? Like it or not, we are.

South Park Junkie said...

I guess the reason we have so many Right-Wing nuts supporting Bush is because they keep breeding like rabbits. Most Creationists are against abortion and even birth control. As a result, we have families like this: . This family just had their 16th child, and in the words of Michelle Duggar, "We'd like to have some more." They also have a bumper sticker that says "Evolution is a lie."