Friday, October 21, 2005


Yesterday was the school wide bus trip to NYC and the MET for DCAD, where I teach. I went along to get a free busride and see the Van Gogh exhibit and to take my animation students over Noodle Soup Productions, the studio who does the Venture Brothers for Adult Swim. I've done freelance storyboard work for them on the first and now teh second season of VB. On the bumpy bus ride up I did this sketch of one of the students. Thanks again to the great crew at Noodle Soup and producer Rachel Simon for being so generous with their time and showing the students a glimpse of a possible future.

I'll post more photos from the trip later.


Bobby Timony said...

I went on saturday to see the Van Gogh exhibit. Seeing the drawings side by side with the paintings was fascinating. When I think of VG, I always remember his amazing colors, so it was neat to see the other side of that. Looking at his pen strokes really gave me a feel for his process. I could almost imagine him standing there drawing it.
It was pretty crowded on saturday, so I'm going back later this week to spend a little more time there.
(PS, Happy Birthday, Mike.)

Bobby Timony said...
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Mike M said...

Bobby, Thanks for the BDAY wish. It was crowded when we were there too. I guess that's agood thing that people are still excited about seeing this type of work today.

Brothergrimm said...

You've done storyboarding for VB? I didn't realize that, that's one of my favorite AS shows!

Mike M said...

BG, Yep I boarded several on the first season and one so far on the second season. Now I'm working on another new AS show called Minoriteam, which will be out in January.