Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And so it begins....

The holidays rushed by as they always do and now we are almost dumped into the new year running. I am buys here that's for sure. Between the various projects in house and those that are planned. It's seems so feast or famine now for me and has increasingly been that way since about 2000. I either have almost nothing in house, the last job finishing up with nothing new yet, or suddenly 5 jobs. All overlapping and compeating. It never used to be like that, but that seems the norm now, and the norm with many of my fellow artists too.

I think this will be a big year in a lot of ways, a big year for our country and really set the tone, good or bad for us for a long while. The Bush years have been SHIT! Everybody seems to feel the system is broken, the war was a farce that turned into a quagmire that we will long be paying for in ways more expensive than monitarily. I am not impressed by any of the democrats honestly, but I dispise all the republicans. The economy is gonna tank, if it already isn't. The real estate market, global warming, geeze. Everyone I know is tightening the belt and white knuckle squeezing the restraint bar for the ride down. But there are positives, people seem aware of these issues, and some seem pretty motivated, but the question is can enough people make collectively the right choices?

So even with these obvious negatives and dark clouds one always starts the new year with hope, hope we can overcome these problems. Last years was a bumpy ride. I lost a great freind when Mike Weiringo suddenly passed away. It was, and still is a shock, and I think about him just about every day. I also lost my dog Buster, again, suddenly. He literally died in my arms, so I hope this year has nothing like that.

I have some cool projects I want to work on, things like the Creepertins and a comic project with Greg Thompson, and of course get Draw! out more plus school. I'll be teaching more than ever on top of attending Pafa, so there won't be much downtime till the summer. But that's good too as I feel it's all positive work. I'm finishing up on what's to be the last storyboard I'll do for a while on Secret Saturday's. And working hard on my second X-9 story so by the time the school break is over I'll be ready to attack the new semester with a furry.


Craig Zablo said...


2007 was a tough year... yeah, let's hope 2008 is better for everyone. [If not, man...]

Peter Berkovski said...

Hello Mike.Happy New Year man,i really enjoy looking your blog, it's great place!It would be great if this year can bring to you much free time for your personal project works and I really wish that gone happen to you.Best wishes man.

Mike Manley said...

Craig, I agree, lots of positive hope for 2008, we can effect a lot of things with the right attitude.

Peter, nice to meet you, best wishes to you too and keep up the drawing! I think you'll be seeing a lot of changes and growth here as I move along as an artist in my second semester at PAFA.