Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Punisher

Here are a few pages and a cover I currently have up for sale on Ebay from my run on Punisher War Zone. I was and still ama bif fan of what John Romita Jr and Klaus janson did on that book and a fan of their work in general. When JRJR left the book they had Mike Harris come in a do breakdowns and then I did finishes sort of trying to match the Romita/Janson look to finish the storyline. I also got to ink some issues and covers by JRJR which was a lot of fun. i even put some zip-a-tone on the pages and went to town with textures. I like this character, I like the gritty edge you can get with him, he's sort of like Marvel's Sgt. Rock, Guns, grit and beard stubble, though there certainly isn't the "Make War No More" aspect to the stories like the DC War Books had in the 70's.

I haven't kept up with the character so I have no idea what's going on with him now and those movies based on the character were certainly Punishment to watch.


Craig Zablo said...

I was also a fan of JRJR and Janson's Punisher. It was the best version to follow Zeck & Beatty. I also remember the job that you did on keeping the art "feel" for the series. Good times/good memories!

Don Hudson said...

Your Punisher work is great! How did you feel about M. Harris' storytelling?

Mike Manley said...

Hey Don, Thanks for the Kudos. I think Mike did a decent job, they were realy scribbles, just "shakedowns". In retrospect I think it didn't save any time as I had to really go back in and draw anyway as sometimes the stuff was wonky because the drawing was so loose. I mean I think Mike had probably only a few days at best to bust it all out.

Anyway, man, those days were certainly different than now in a lot of respects drawing for Marvel and DC.

Time Waster said...

Damn that snowman Punisher Cover is the bomb. I wouldn't mind winning it Should take the day off just so I can bid on the sucker at the last second. I suspect it goes for about 900.00 it's a top notch and historic piece of 90s comic nostalgia.

I only own one cover :) which is a Sam Kieth cover at that which was never published. from 1990s parody press

Time Waster said...

Damn I was outbid by that Val and Steve Art Dealer guy on ebay I really really wanted that page too :(