Friday, January 11, 2008


Here is a drawing of Elektra the assasin that I did for fun and put up on my Ebay store. Some of my fave comics are from Miller's run on Daredevil. I miss those days in comics, I miss newsprint and dots, and zip-a-tone, etc. I usually dislike most of the slimey computer coloring we see in comics today.

This is in pencil on comic paper 11 x 17.


Craig Zablo said...

Very, very nice!

I, too, miss those day. In fact just the other day, I was talking about how computer color can be a good thing, but it seems no one uses zip effects anymore. I used to love Terry Austin, John Beatty and other inkers effects with zip and other materials. Ah, the great ole days!

Mike Manley said...

yes, today the fact is you can really do almost anything, work in any style or technique and have it print well; however the computer has also lowered standards and made many less able artists employable. You see this everywhere in art and design in the commercial fields.

the computer is another tool, so the talent is in the artist, not the tool. So much comi coloring is overkill now that it fights the drawing for attention instead of supporting it. But to most the saying "less is more." is just not something they ascribe to. It's the More is More generation.