Saturday, January 05, 2008


I just got back from seeing the Dutch Masters show "the Age of Rembrandt" up at the MET and man, was it just awesome, what a charge for the artistic soul and a learning experience too. I went up with my Fiance Echo and our school pal Mary and stayed hung out with my best buds Scott and Ryan at thier place.

It was friggin' blistering cold too...I don't know why, but it seems everytime Echo and I go to NYC it's the coldest day of the year....we froze our collective keisters off huffing it to the Met, but once we were there the art warmed us right up. And man, the Met was PACKED! We moved our way through the show, weaving, dodging vieying for space to see each painting, and what a great collection though I dissagree in the way they laid out the show. The paintings were displayed in the order of aquisition, not in order of date in which they were completed. I would have prefered that as I think it's great to see how each artist changed and grew and what was also being done at the same time.

I also saw these paintings with the new hungry eyes of a painting student, which I am now and it was revelatory, I am still processing it and will for weeks to come and I want to get back to painting really badly now. hard to believe school starts in a week and the breaks almost over. the New years rushing in and rushing fast. I also want to remind everyone that there is still time to also sign up for my class at the New York Art Academy and you can follow the link to the right. I look forward to the class and also to being in NYC to also get to spend more times at the art galleries there and see more of the MET at a slower pace.

I also want to give a heads up that I have several Ebay Auctions running now of my art, so you can also visit my ebay store from the link on the right.

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Brian said...

Hi Mike,

I am wondering if this show is the same show as or related to the Rembrandt show I saw last year in Dayton, Ohio. It was engitled "Rembrandt and the Golden Age of Dutch Art". If it is, then I totally agree with you. It was spectacular. The jewel of the show was a Franz Hals portrait of a man with a stiff lace collar. The collar looked so real when you stood back from the painting, but when you approached, the collar was just a bunch of brush strokes that seemed carelessly thrown together. I spent about an hour in front of that painting. Simply mind boggling.