Monday, January 07, 2008


I have eliminated the Draw! Mag mesage board due to the it being basically eat'n alive by spam-porn-bots. I tried to keep up, ban people, ISP's etc., and it took 30 minutes a day to do that...and who has that time, so I gave up last year and decided why even keep it live at all, so as of today it's gone from the server. This blog will do for now and maybe in time I will bring back another message baord just for the magazine.

I have seen this happen other places and it's really a shame that this friggin' spam ruins everything and there seems to be now way to stop it. A fair amount of people are assholes in the meat world, but the can be mega-bigger assholes in cyberspace as they can fuck with a lot more people.


Peter Berkovski said...

Hello Mike,I'm agree with you for these people.In cyberspace have many of them and they are really really bigger assholes,just I think they gone called their own complexes and because of these assholes many people can't use anymore the Draw! mag message board, I hope that gone fixed someday.

Mike Manley said...

Peter, yeah, what can you do though? It's beyond my technical skill to fight these spambots, so better to put the effort here. Every place popular has this issue and has to deal with it.

This works best for now for me and makes things easier to manage.